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Marah World Mobile Application 

“Marah World” is a mobile application that provides children with a huge variety of entertainment and educational content in the Arabic language to develop their educational, linguistic, and creative skills. The content varies between songs, videos, cartoon episodes, and interactive games. all sections of the application are frequently updated and new content is added continuously.


A Safe Platform

Our main focus in building the "Marah World" mobile application is to serve children & parents that are looking for a safe, suitable, and content rich VOD platform.

Large library

​With over 400 videos that vary from 2D animation, 3D animation, music videos, live-action, cartoon series, and more being uploaded every week. our users will always be having fun while learning.


Interactive content

​featuring a series of mini-games within "Marah World" app for the users to enjoy multiple ways of engagement.

Over 800,000 Downloads

Across Google play, IOS play store, and Huawei App Gallery. 


"Marah World"

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